The Belvedere Cove Foundation's 2021 Youth Sailing Fundraiser

What an amazing event, thank you all!

Many thanks go out to the sponsors, donors, bidders, volunteers, attendees and SFYC staff for a terrific event on August 21. The Cove House and lawn were abuzz with folks happy to support SFYC's Youth Sailing program! Co-chairs Matt Cromar and Philip Norris did an incredible job organizing the event, and acting as auctioneers during the Live Auction. The Foundation thanks them for their hard work and dedication in making the event a huge success.

A special thank you to those who donated priceless experiences, wonderful events, wine and winery tours, sailing gear and much more to the silent and live auction:


Grant Baldwin

Suited Hospitality

Matt Cromar

SFYC General Manager David Robinson

SFYC Executive Chef Reny Madrid

Clint Hill & Lisa McCubbin


Andrew Frankl

Ross Cobb

Steve Pugh

Jeff & Jill Finegold

101 Surf Sports

International Orange

Mike's Bikes

Call of the Sea

Andrew Frankl

Commodore Don Jesberg

Staff Commodore Andy Fromm


Madeline Morey

The Foiling Syndicate (Alex Rothenberg, Dave Williams, Henry Vare and Michael Vare)

Trinchero Family Estates

Kenefick Ranch & Winery

Gary Farrell Vineyards & Winery

Amanda Weitman

Danny Shea

Azita Mujica

Bob Smith & Patty Rogers

West Marine

US Sailing Team

The San Francisco Yacht Club

John & Tanya Marston

Richard Moore

The SFYC Auxiliary

Wilmot Reineke FX Team

Ken Welter

The Foox Family


Thank you 2021 Youth Sailing Fundraiser Sponsors!

Tall Ship

The Akin Family

Matthew & Jennifer Cromar

Jay & Hollie Haynes 

David and Anne-Marie Walker

peregrine logo_left_green.png
West Marine Logo 1.png

Jennifer Dailey & Matt Frymier

Don & Eugenia Jesberg

Mark & Nancy Maymar

Tod Moody & Lucy Carrico

Sonja & Jon Perkins

Patty & Dave Young


Ginny & Phillip DeMaria

Ted & Erika Elliott

Tad & Ann Lacey


Grant & Liz Baldwin

Geri Barsotti

Tom & Ellen Bauch

Buchbinder Family

The Buckstaff Family

Brent & Allison Crawford

Kyle & Alison Elliott

David & Anne Feinberg

Andrew Frankl

The Franzone Family

Ken & Jane Frost

Pamela & Craig Healy

The Hemberger Family

Glenn & Gaby Isaacson

Rolf & Shannon Kaiser

Duncan & Nancy Kelso

Jennifer and Ryan Kern

Carl & Jodi Krawitt

Jay Lawton

Sheldon Lim & Christina Toy

David & Jessica MacGregor

Naomi McGinn

Adeline & Matthew McLeod

Madeline & Robert Morey

Suzie & Bryan Moore

Philip & Alexandra Norris

Mel Owen

Stu & Helen Reilly

Adam Roberts

David Robinson, SFYC General Manager

Alison Russell & George Brewster 

Bill Smith and Ann Aylwin-Compass Real Estate

Caren & Wayne Stacy

Yuuko & Russ Tonkovich

Kara Warrin